Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Board Books - Zoo Animals & Baby Animals

What a fun Saturday we spent at the zoo this past weekend. The baby and parents were joined by the grands. Although an overcast and semi-wet day, we had a good time. The baby is really getting into seeing the animals. On the way out we stopped by the gift store and picked up a few books. No surprise with me along. Two of those I want to share today. I had previously heard of the babygenius series, but primarly in music form. But, to my surprise and baby's delight we found some board books in this series at the gift shop. I specifically picked up Zoo Animals and Baby Animals as they both contained photos of animals I knew the baby loved to look at. Oh and did I find winners. The baby must have these "read" to her several times in a row.

Baby Animals includes a variety of domestic and wild animals. In a two page layout you get a full page picture of the animal then the second page includes three smaller shots of the animal doing something cute along with a simple descriptive word. The second page photos are also displayed on a theme type background. DK the publisher has listed Baby Animals as part of their 0 to 18 months group. Zoo Animals is listed for the 18 to 36 months range. It too is designed in a two page layout for each typical zoo animal. The first page again being a large full page photo. However, the second page includes three photos, but they fill the entire page and do not include a background design. The words that accompany the tri-photo page are simple phrases.

I wouldn't let the age catagories keep you from picking up either book for your young one. The photos are what really excites my little one. We discuss the images, but she really enjoys just looking at the photos that are quite good.

Baby Animals DK Publishing 2003

Zoo Animals DK Publishing 2004

Please note the books and covers I purchased at our zoo are different then the additions I found at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The images here are of the books we purchased.


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