Friday, January 20, 2006

In The Beginning

It is because of the love I have for books, especially Children's books that I have decided to venture into the land of blogging. Children's books can be a great source of pleasure and not to just children, but to adults as well. My hope in doing this blog is to provide the reader with a variety of book reviews, informational resources, and useful tools. The idea I think I am trying to achieve is to give children, parents, and the curious viewer an insight or spark an interest to what is available in the vast world of books and information.

Of course my first of probably many disclaimers is: what I write or imply is strictly my own opinion and I have many on many subjects. However, I do have a bit of knowledge and background in the area of Children's books and informational avenues and that is what I want to share. Naturally, the real need being met here is the desire to stimulate and foster my librarian skills that are currently directed toward my very patient and understanding 11 month old.

But before I begin, let me add the second and third disclaimer for the blog of "The Magic of Books" - I am really bad at proof reading my own writings, so please forgive me now for the many errors I am sure to make. Also, I am not sure about how copyrights apply to what I will be doing. I will try my utmost to ensure that I have properly cited and given credit to ever reference I make.

Well, thanks for taking interest in this blog and off we go.


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