Friday, March 09, 2007

Where has the time gone?

Ah, it is time to change the clocks once again. Being a native of the Hoosier state I grew up in a “state” of confusion. When I was a wee one myself we paid homage to the time honored activity of springing ahead and falling behind at the government-approved times. Then for some miraculous reason the Hoosier state decided to wise up like a few others and stop the madness. But, to my chagrin the current governor decided to be like all the other states again so as to improve the state’s business economy and image. Hum, I never really did buy into that. I did think yes it would be easier for folks to remember what time it was here if we all did the same thing everyone else did. However, as a free thinking being and one that tries to see logic and practicality of actions, I still think this whole time shifting thing is for the birds, especially when trying to accommodate wee ones schedules and explaining the whole meaning behind it (no matter what Mr. Benjamin Franklin thought).

Have you ever tried to find a children’s book on the subject of daylight saving? Oh, there are a number of “science” books that explain the general reasons, but I tend to disagree with most of the so-called statistics they back up their information with. I do agree with trying to conserve energy, so why not just stick to one time that fits the best. Instead, now we have from March until November on one time then for a measly 4 months we are on another time. Time change interrupts so many activities, but for some reason the vast majority have been brainwashed into seeing the “right” in doing it. When working at the elementary school the kids had great questions as to why time changed. However, not being a believer in the “system” I really had a hard time explaining the benefits when they were trying to stay awake to listen. Yes, it is great to have more daylight at night. So, why not stick with the spring “time” all the time? Daylight saving comes up in a number of children’s literature and I have even seen it used as a pivot point. In a recent acclaimed children’s book about Ben Franklin they credit him with this fascinating idea. I say yeah he had some good ideas, but he also had some duds too, and I would put this in with them.

Today, I listened to some brainwashing bureaucratic talk up all the benefits of moving the spring change to March and how everyone will be safer (children on a darken bus stop through out most of the school year, hum) and more energy will be conserved (lights on in the schools in the dark morning hours, hum). What he didn’t say is what his data was based on. Then the reporter being on the quick side put forth that a study is being mandated to begin in November to see if this change really does benefit us at all seeing how the last bit of data used for this current change was compiled in the 70’s. Well, if it were the 70’s again those driving SUV’s would be waiting in long lines at the gas pumps and paying more than what we pay now. And, maybe we would really be taking energy savings more seriously as many did then. But, really folks this daylight saving time has been going on so long now, I think the “do it because we always have” factor is the driving force.

Maybe what I really need in order to accept this twice a year silliness is a good children’s book that will explain it to me in a logical manner. If that were so, I might be able to with a clear conscience and believability explain it my child and other kids.
As a side note, Canada made the recent March change as well because of the states, but the European Union did not. Hummmm! For some quick information go to Time zone change.

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Blogger daddy d said...

We are not even doing this time change in the same way as before.

Some things just keep happening. Such as no school in the summer. Just 184 school days in a school year. However, the rest of the world does 260 or so school days in a school year.

It si a good thing then that little kids have good books to read at home. Then they will have a chance to keep up with the rest of the world.

7:14 PM  
Blogger gawilli said...

Oh, PJ Librarian...I think you should write a children's book about the time change! Maybe I could make some sense of it, too!

10:04 PM  

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