Friday, February 24, 2006

Clive Cussler goes Kid?!

Who knew that famous Adult book author Clive Cussler of the Dirk Pitt Series wrote Children's books? I have seen one of his Adult books edited down for Young Adults, but haven't seen true Young Adult or Children's books before by him. Apparently, I have been missing the boat on this (of course it did just come out this week). I have read most of the Dirk Pitt series and many of the spinoffs. But, this book is a new one on me. I have found Cussler's books usually very good on the adventure side, but sometimes a little too detailed in technology. However, the write up I found on seems to indicate Cussler's detailed writing was a welcomed addition versus its usual doldrum effect.

The following is part of the
review that can be found on

Ages 7-up and 160 pages

The story centers around ten-year-old twins Casey and Lacey Nicefolk who live on an herb farm in California with their parents and basset hound Floopy. One day, a strange man named Mr. Sucoh Sucop (you may notice his name is Hocus Pocus spelled backward) and his mule, Mr. Periwinkle, arrive at the herb farm....... "THE ADVENTURES OF VIN FIZ is a fun and imaginative story that will thrill any and all readers. Clive Cussler fills the pages with exciting quests (like rescuing a runaway train) and tosses in a bit of silly humor for flair (including some of the characters' unusual and pun-like names). For an extra bonus, Cussler artistically slips in some interesting trivia, like how a steam engine works, so readers may even learn something along the way.

I'll be checking this one out! Let's see if Cussler can make the transition and still provide quality writing.


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