Friday, May 19, 2006

Summer Reading Programs - Check them out

If your area is as fortunate as mine, then you too will be seeing information on upcoming Summer Reading programs at your neighborhood library. The Summer Reading programs at our local library is one of the biggest budget items in the entire library system and sees the most participation of all programs. Ours starts on June 5. Also, our library provides a Summer Film series. Throughout the summer there are a number of G or PG rated films that are put on and are free. Of course, this is in addition to all their great activities they direct, which are also free.

But, back to Summer Reading programs. They are a great way to encourage your children to get out of the house and visit the library. In addition, the program keeps your children involved in some type of brain stimulation and has been proven in a number of studies that it helps children from losing ground on what they gained during the school year. Hopefully, your program is one that provides some exciting opportunities along with motivational activities. One of the favorites I think the kids enjoy with our library is it includes a reward system that provides a number of fun prizes at different point levels. The kids earn points for the type of book they check out and read. (It is an honor system and assumed the parents will encourage their reading.) Even if they do not read the whole book the fact they are getting out of the house and away from the television is a big plus.

So, if your program is like ours and FREE then go check it out. And, if you already do participate, tell your neighbors so they can take advantage and maybe, just maybe, the neighborhood will be a bit less crazy this summer. Also, don't forget to say thanks to the Children's Librarians as they put a lot of effort into these programs as well as take on the craziness of "out-of-school" kids. Now, if your library doesn't have a program don't be shy and check out neighboring towns. Sometimes you can join one of the libraries for a small fee and reap the wonderful rewards.

The posters of reading programs featured here are from the Connecticut Library Consortium and West Dunbartonshire's Summer Holiday Programme.


Blogger Lost A Sock said...

Glad to see you back!

I totally did not take advantage of the summer reading program last year, and I don't know why. Maybe we'll get into it this year.

Secretly, maybe I'm not so crazy about our local library....

But we read all the time, so we might as well have a little fun with it.

4:13 PM  
Blogger PJ Librarian said...

Unfortunately, not all libraries are created equally. I have even (read with hushed tone) known a few librarians that are just plain scary. Right now I am not so crazy about what is going on in our system, so I just run in and grab a few books and leave. We have a number of books though to choose from. Also, fortunately, for me there are a number of librarians that are nice at my branch, but not at all branches.

6:46 PM  

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