Monday, June 19, 2006

Picture Books - Last Day Blues

Last Day Blues by Julie Danneberg 2006

Although a bit late in timing, this book about the last week of school would be one to add to a reading list for school or at home. I had originally picked up Danneberg’s First Year Letters a few months back and really enjoyed it. However, when I stumbled upon this I thought it is rather unusual to find a book on the subject of the last week of school. This pair of Danneberg’s would make great reading bookends to a school year.

The Last Day Blues follows Mrs. Hartwell’s class through the final week of school and her students’ thoughts. The class is concerned about how they think Mrs. Hartwell will probably miss them and be sad through out the summer. The students take this belief to heart and want Mrs. Hartwell to begin summer break with a gift to remind her how much the class thinks of her and will miss her. In the meantime, Mrs. Hartwell unbeknownst to her students is really looking forward to her upcoming time off and is planning a vacation.

Considering most students are more anxious to fly out the door rather than think about a teacher the last week of school still doesn’t deter from the story. Is it realistic, maybe for some classes, but probably not for most. This would be a really fun read for students third grade and lower.



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