Monday, March 27, 2006

Picture Books - If Only I Had a Green Nose

If Only I Had a Green Nose by Max Lucado and illustrated by Sergio Martinez 2002

While browsing for St. Patrick's Day books a few weeks back, I stumbled over this book and thought interesting topic for a Max Lucado book. Well, then I read it. It isn't a St. Patrick's Day book, but one that deals with learning to accept who you are rather than trying to be like others. All I can think is that the book was in the wrong place, but it was a new read and enjoyable find. Lucado is widely known for his Adult Christian books and has added to his work through a children's audience.

The story follows Punchinello and his friends through the town of Wemmicksville and its wooden residents. There is one fellow that is the local trend setter who stirs the population into thinking you must do whatever the latest is in order to be "withit". Although Punchinello doesn't seem to think having your nose painted green is anything worthwhile, but he is soon talked into it by friends and follow townspeople. However, as time goes on the latest fad keeps changing and it gets harder and harder to keep up. Punchinello and friends begin to wonder how to get back to their former selves. Finally, they realize they need to go see Eli, who is the Creator.

When I first read the story I kept thinking of Pinnochio, but then during the second read through the Christian references began to become much more apparant. Why it took two reads, I am not sure. I would recommend it for those in 1st or 2nd grade, but not before as it may even be a bit to obtuse at this age unless there are follow up discussions. Also, I would suggest the topic is a good one not so much for the Christian aspect, but rather the "fitting in" theme.



Blogger Lost A Sock said...

Hmm Lucado for kids, huh? I've read lots of "adult" Lucado. I'll be interested to see what he does for kids. Thanks for sharing!

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