Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Chapter Books - Deception

Deception is #4 in the Lady Grace Mystery Series and is written by two authors, but listed as Grace Cavendish. I believe this particular one though is written mainly by Jan Burchett.

The series takes place in the Elizabethan time. Grace Cavendish, who is the narrator, keeps a "daybooke" of her life and adventures while serving Queen Elizabeth I as a Maid of Honor. At age twelve when Grace's mother a close companion of the Queen's dies Grace is taken in under Her Majesty's protection. While serving Her Majesty, Grace soon begins to encounter a number of situations that lead the Queen to name her in secret as Lady Pursuivant. Under this new title, Grace has many more freedom's then normal for one her age and station during this time period. In this particular book of the series, one finds Grace pursuing someone who is counterfeiting the new coins that have yet to be released by the Queen's mint. The coins threaten to undo all that the Queen has undertaken to restore the value of Britain's monetary system. Grace, with the help of two very low level servants help track down the counterfeiter and expose several murders along the way.

The series is aimed at 9 - 12 year olds. However, there is a violent nature to this plot and the detailed history make the book a bit on the intricate side. So, if you have a reader who is into a bit more complex reading and doesn't mind a murder or two, check this series out.

Kidsreads.com has a nice write up on all five books so far in the series.


Anonymous daddy d said...

I have not read fiction books every much at all. Most of my reading is towards getting better at an activity or a process. There is joy in pure reading. I just have not gone there, and may not any time soon. It sort of like music for me.

4:37 PM  
Anonymous Molly said...

The fairy is a nice addition. She fits your theme of "The Magic of Books"

7:58 PM  

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