Monday, June 26, 2006

Picture Books - Little Donkey and the Babysitter

Little Donkey and the Babysitter by Rindert Kromhout and illustrated by Annemarie van Haeringen 2006

Originally published in the Netherlands in 2003, this is the English translation. We meet Little Donkey as he is having a disagreement with Mama Donkey about staying home by himself while she goes to the movie with a Mr. Billy Goat. Mama Donkey has hired Nanny Hen as the sitter to watch over Little Donkey. The story's premise is one most parents who like to go out from time to time with preschool and older kids at home can relate to. Nanny Hen arrives and attempts to corral and sooth Little Donkey, but at the same time letting him have a bit of freedom to satisfy his disgruntled ego. What seems to be a story on track with Little Donkey performing a few shenanigans while Nanny Hen tries to manage him begins to turn downward somewhere toward the middle. I am not sure if it is due to a glitch in the translation or the original story itself, but the cuteness wears thin and becomes annoying. The appeal picks back up at the end, but not really enough to save the overall feeling one is left with at the conclusion. I am not sure if the author is trying to reach out to single Moms and the issues faced when trying to date or if he is speaking to kids on their level when faced with having a sitter. Either way the story has potential, but is a definite one time read in this house. A Turn The Page with Caution rating.



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I like your rating system. Nice touch

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