Thursday, March 29, 2007

Picture Books - Going to the Zoo

Ah, don’t you just love spring weather, we are taking walks, visiting local sites, and trying to take it all in. With usually having mild winters these past few years, the late nastiness of this past February made for a bit cranky cooped up feeling in many around the area. I think it gave us a bit more appreciation for the newly greening grass, daffodils blooming, and fresh spring air.

Today, we dropped by our local zoo and visited with a number of animals. The wee one even got to pick up a few new books (as if we needed anymore). One of the books we found I couldn’t pass up as it was based on the “Going to the zoo” song. It was overpriced and a tad beat up, but it was so worth it to see her face when we “sang” the book. It is great to find books to connect with a memory.

If you like the song or just want to recreate a fun zoo memory try this book out. Going to the Zoo by Tom Paxton and illustrated by Karen Lee Schmidt 1996. The illustrations do great justice to the song/text and the ending is so cute.

The elephants say Hi and come visit!

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