Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What's in a name?

I am not sure what to think of my wee one’s latest information gathering. As I have mentioned before commercial television is pretty much off limits in our house for her. PBS is the only station she has any knowledge of, or I thought. However, it seems my quick glances at the local all weather station has had a bit more impact on her than just “what does the weather say mommy?” Apparently, those quick little five-minute news updates especially the political ones has come to rest upon her wee little ears.

Today she was finishing up her breakfast when I tuned into catch the day’s forecast. And, there he was the newscaster talking about how Barak Obama was going to be in the state again and his agenda. Then the wee one perks up and says “is Rock Obama here?” “Is he going to be the one?” At first I was in the, what are you talking about frame of mine, then I put it together. I explained he with several others are running for president and at that moment a picture of Hillary Clinton was on the screen as the newscaster continued on about her agenda for the state. The wee one then asked “is that Rock Obama?” After a good chuckle, I said no, but then tried explaining that was another one of the people also wanting to be the next president. With the primaries here next week and one of the few times our state’s votes will make a difference at least for the democrat party nominee the news has been littered with national and local candidate discussions.

So, as with all new things the wee one will be asking questions about Rock Obama for a number of days until another interest over takes it. Funny how of all the names thrown out in these quick news reports hers picked up on his. Maybe after she devours a few books today she will more interested in Pooh or Fancy Nancy again. That is what turning three should be more about, I think?


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Early Readers - Fancy Nancy at the Museum

Ah, we have discovered Fancy Nancy in our home and what a delight she is. Fancy Nancy along with a few other fun books kept us company a few weekends ago on a short trip. The one we acquired was Fancy Nancy at the Museum by Jane O'connor and illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser part of the I Can Read series level 1.

Now as we all know not all Early Reader books are created equal. This particular series I like as it is a bit more on target in my opinion for the age and reading level it addresses. One of the fun things about this book is how the author throws in some “fancy” words that really do add to a kid’s vocabulary like observant and masterpiece.

We haven’t read any of the other Fancy Nancy books, but if they are as engaging as this one we will be on the look out the next time we are at the library. Definitely a cute book for girls getting read to read or just learning to read. Boys may like this particular Fancy Nancy just for the vomit incident, but I doubt they could relate to her overall girlie style.

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Monday, April 07, 2008

Picture Books - As seen on DVD

Oh where, oh where has the time gone. No matter where it went, gladly it has given way to spring weather. Although, I haven’t posted about books of late, be assured we have not lost interest or in my case passion about the written word. Some may call my passion a bit over the top, but I like knowing we have a home that you literally cannot step into any room without being able to pick up a book. Why even in the bathrooms you will find a bucket of books or even a step stool with hidden storage just waiting to fulfill your bookish desires. Most of course are of the children’s literature genre, but getting in touch with your inner child is a good thing.

Even though books are great, we also like our quality shows as well. PBS has been putting quality kids programming together for some time and I have just been loving their Jane Austen series over these last few months. But, wait we also have spent a buck or two or three on DVD’s besides books. I’m not a big fan of commercial television especially for kids. So, whenever I get a chance I pick up a DVD or two of entertainment like VeggieTales, Little Einsteins, or Angelina Ballerina. Some great finds of late include The Little Polar Bear (2003) based on the book by Hans De Beer and the recent purchase of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Other Stories (1995) based on the classics by Eric Carle. (I use the word classic in the sense that Carle’s books have on many levels in my opinion reached that status.)

My wee one loves pretty much all books, but it is fun to sit with her and watch Carle’s books unfold on screen word for word as she has heard them from us and also can pretty much recite on her own. Oh, I still think the book version is the best, but when looking for a quick change of pace or in our case this week working on removing a splinter from the wee one’s hand, the DVD version is quite mesmerizing for her. There are many books that have gone to DVD, but some like Stellaluna have deviated from the original text. This isn’t bad and can actual be a good teaching tool in comparing and contrasting story versions. Some books that have been put to DVD include the text viewing as an option. Great for early readers or if you have special needs children.

So, where am I going with this post? Don’t know. Have spring fever. Enjoy a book or watch it unfold on screen. Either way have a great day. Oh, and many of these DVD's are available at the library for check out.