Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Picture Books - Big Smelly Bear

Big Smelly Bear by Britta Teckentrup 2007 has the smell of a delightful book. If you have a small one that just hates to take a bath or just a little one with a funny bone this is a book that will bring lots of smiles. Our little one really loves to take baths on most days. Luckily for us she is a bit on the dainty side and so far doesn’t play with too much mud.

What we have here is a case of Big Smelly Bear who has an itch. Could be due to not ever taking a bath or could be his fur hasn’t been groomed or something else all together. But, whatever it is the itch needs some tending to, but he can’t find the solution. About this time Big Fluffy Bear speaks up and offers to assist only after Big Smelly Bear takes a bath. Well, you can probably see where this is heading.

Both boys and girls I’m sure will enjoy the situation, but I have a feeling boys could probably relate more to Big Smelly Bear’s situation. Recommend for ages preschool to about 2nd grade.

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Lone(ly) Wolf

Some days I really wonder about nature. A few weeks ago on the way to church we saw a wolf lying beside the road that had unfortunately been hit by a car. Now it seemed odd to see a wolf that close to city limits, but we were traveling towards and almost in a rural area. So, it didn’t seem too odd. However, this morning on our way to Thanksgiving dinner we saw another one only this guy was inside city limits and in an industrial park area (opposite direction of our last encounter). We had to do a double take and then slowed down to get a better look. Sure enough it was a wolf and a large one at that and meandering a bit anxiously along. However, it made my heart sink when I noticed that he was heading in the direction of the interstate. Hopefully, he found a different and safer path to get were he was heading. I have heard about coyotes and even a fox or two in city limits heck there was even a beaver in my old neighborhood, but this was my first wolf sighting. The picture posted here is almost identical to the one we saw today. Had I not been driving I would have grabbed the camera. The cool thing was both my husband and wee one got to see it too. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Picture Books - Library Mouse

Library Mouse by Daniel Kirk 2007 was such a treat to find. Back in September my husband surprised me with a mini-date night to celebrate my birthday. With no idea of what to do in the spare hour or so we had, we headed off like most booklovers or those married to one to a bookstore. There we perused my favorite section, children’s of course. We found many wonderful selections and came home with a few. However, my favorite of that night was Library Mouse. Of course, I love to find books featuring a library as the setting and this one fit perfectly. Yet, the story isn’t so much about the wonders of a library, but rather the possibilities that can come from knowledge learned through reading. Sam the library mouse loves to read and enjoys all the books of the library when the doors close and lights go off. Then one night he gets an idea, how about writing his own story, then another and another. He begins to leave his works around (in the correct subject area of course) where others can enjoy them. Soon the librarians get the idea to have the mysterious Sam to a “ meet the author” event. However, Sam would rather encourage others to explore the stories within themselves and sets up a different type of event. This story is charming and would really be of use in encouraging young children to write. But, it is also a good story just for pleasure reading. I would suggest to kindergarten to 4th grade.

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Where oh where is spring?

Well, it was a lovely day and we took great advantage of it by planting over 150 spring bulbs today. (For some reason the pervious owner of this house didn't have spring flowers.) About half of those were daffodils and the other half various shades of pink tulips. We still need to add some more dirt and mulch this week, but the weather won't effect the bulbs until another week or so. Last year I waited a bit too long and only planted a few, but this year I thought we should up the spring time bounty.

Unfortunately, we didn't have much time this afternoon as we went running around trying to find a replacement for our garage window. Not an easy task we found and now we are going to have to settle for something that really doesn't match nor does it function the same as we don't have time for a special order. But, hey the builder of this home and its previous occupants have given us numerous challenges and this too shall be overcome. At least we have started the heating season off with no gas leaks so far. It seems that was becoming too much of a common aliment for this house. Although this is generally the time most of us read harvest season type books to the younger crowd, don't forget to throw a book or two in about preparing for the next growing season. Watch it Grow by Ivan Bulloch 2000 is one to consider. It is very general and more geared to actual spring planting, but worth a look for an overall view of gardening.

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