Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Picture Books - Library Mouse

Library Mouse by Daniel Kirk 2007 was such a treat to find. Back in September my husband surprised me with a mini-date night to celebrate my birthday. With no idea of what to do in the spare hour or so we had, we headed off like most booklovers or those married to one to a bookstore. There we perused my favorite section, children’s of course. We found many wonderful selections and came home with a few. However, my favorite of that night was Library Mouse. Of course, I love to find books featuring a library as the setting and this one fit perfectly. Yet, the story isn’t so much about the wonders of a library, but rather the possibilities that can come from knowledge learned through reading. Sam the library mouse loves to read and enjoys all the books of the library when the doors close and lights go off. Then one night he gets an idea, how about writing his own story, then another and another. He begins to leave his works around (in the correct subject area of course) where others can enjoy them. Soon the librarians get the idea to have the mysterious Sam to a “ meet the author” event. However, Sam would rather encourage others to explore the stories within themselves and sets up a different type of event. This story is charming and would really be of use in encouraging young children to write. But, it is also a good story just for pleasure reading. I would suggest to kindergarten to 4th grade.

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Blogger daddy d said...

Not only can one learn from reading library books, one might fine one's life's love in the library. Looking and learning are good library activities.

7:12 PM  
Blogger mjd said...

Library mice are the best kind of mice.

12:47 AM  

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