Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jumpstart’s Read for the Record

What a fabulous day we had here. Everywhere we went there was a reading going on to support Jumpstart’s Read for the Record. We thought we might miss it because of a trip to The Children’s Museum today, but even there we found they were also reading on every floor The Story of Ferdinand. The library system here was sponsoring the readings at all of its 22 branches and also giving away a copy of the book to all the participants today just like the museum was.

However, I must say for the record we officially did not participate due to the wee one’s total dislike of the first gentleman with a beard that approached her with an invitation to join the group. Now, you really need to first know that the wee one loves and I mean really loves to have books read to her and “reads” them herself. But, the catch here was she truly and I mean truly dislikes beards. Once the first gentleman invited her she was so adamant about not being a part of this that when the second gentleman who also sported a beard invited her I thought we might have to put her in padded room. After visiting another museum display we passed another Jumpstart reading area and they were so sweet to even just offer her the book without participating. Alas, she said in a very stern 2 year old voice “no thank you” and promptly took the book walked over to the partitioned area and laid the book back on the stack and said “no thank you" again. I was then dragged by the hand to another part of the floor. At least she has manners.

Well, we here do our best to also foster and support any and all early reading programs and hope that if you didn’t get to participate today that you have found another way to encourage and inspire our youth to enjoy a good book



Blogger mjd said...

Since your little one has so many opportunities to read and enjoy books, maybe she wanted to see the museum displays instead of reading on that day. I can remember reading Ferdinand and my teachers reading the story when I was little.

3:26 PM  
Anonymous gawilli said...

We have a very nice reading program in our area at this time also. They kicked it off by handing out red bozo noses to encourage everyone to keep their nose in a book. Anything to encourage reading is good.

8:34 PM  

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