Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Picture Books - Over in the Meadow at the Big Ballet

Ah, with all the too many to remember toy recalls of late it really makes you wonder. Unfortunately, again this year like previous years there has also been a recall of toys given out at the end of summer reading programs. Makes me question whether the incentives are worth the risk for reading? Anyway...

Need a book to encourage someone who has to perform in front of a crowd? Or, maybe you have a little one that loves ballet? Either way Over in the Meadow at the Big Ballet by Lisa Shulman and illustrated by Sarah Massini is a must read book. It fills the reader with encouragement and inspiration. Swan’s ballet coach has a way of bringing out the best in her while pushing her in the right way. Miss Faye is a great example of how you hope most coaches or leaders in a child’s life are firm yet faithful in the commitment. Swan’s had the strength all along, but needs that extra push to find it to perform in the meadow ballet recital.

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