Saturday, February 18, 2006

Picture Book Review

Well, depending on where you are, I hope it is warmer than here. The groundhog, as my husband would say, knew what it was talking about this time with six more weeks of Winter still to come. So, in honor of this freezing cold weather, I am adding this book and its review as a "Check It Out" picture book. This is from BookPage Children's Reviews and thought its write up represented the book better than I could. I think it would be a good book to share with your favorite little one.

Cold Paws, Warm Heart By Madeleine Floyd

Polar bears may be able to withstand sub-zero temperatures, but that doesn't mean they don't enjoy a nice cup of cocoa now and then. In discussing how her new book, Cold Paws, Warm Heart, came about, London artist Madeleine Floyd says, "A couple of years ago, I produced an oil painting of a large polar bear being offered a cup of hot chocolate. I was thinking about random acts of kindness and how a hot drink might be exactly what a polar bear might enjoy rather than his usual icy fish for lunch."

Floyd's story takes place far away in the land of snow and ice. Cold Paws, a lonely polar bear, roams with only his silver flute for company. Then he meets a young girl named Hannah from a nearby village, who is attracted by his beautiful music. Hannah's gifts of hot chocolate and friendship are just the things to warm the polar bear's heart. Young children will be sure to enjoy this simple tale of love and friendship.

Review by Deborah Hopkinson



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It's cold here too in Iowa. And I'm sick of it! Darn groundhog...

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