Thursday, March 30, 2006

DVD - Neighborhood Animals

You might be asking yourself, why a DVD is being plugged here rather than a book today? Well, the answer is a sick baby. As chance would have it, my husband, who doesn’t watch much television or movies stopped by the store on the way home and bought not one, but two DVD’s for the baby. This is not only unusual, but very rare except in the case of illness. Our 13 month-old came down with a nasty cold Tuesday and has been miserable since with all the cold accessories. Normally she is a book-loving, toy-playing, and happy-go-lucky child. But, yesterday and today only the sounds of a distracting and mindless parade of images across a television screen have been able to calm the cries of stuffiness, throat gurgling drainage, and tummy discomfort. Thus, creating the impulse purchase by my dearest.

The DVD baby einstein Neighborhood Animals seems to have saved the parental minds today, but also surprisingly now has our stamp of approval. Although my husband did not set out to purchase a “good” DVD, but rather thought “hey the baby liked the books and she likes animal pictures maybe she’ll like this DVD”. The DVD is very simple in nature, so to speak. It offers itself as “a baby’s first introduction to familiar furry and feathered friends” and for ages 9 months and up. The movie is divided into six animal segments with the video portion being very simple yet beautifully filmed animal scenes that includes a variety of appealing classical background music. Interspersed throughout are a few children with some audio pieces that match up with the particular animal being featured. Our girl not only was captivated, but also interacted with us as we “discussed” the various animals with her. She recognized the cats (we have one) as well as various feathered friends. The other DVD is of Sesame Street, but we have yet to watch it. It will probably too be a hit as the only periods of television watching she has done has been mostly of Sesame Street and the hypnotizing Elmo.

So, if you are in a pinch and a book will not do, head for the Neighborhood Animals DVD for your little one. I am not sure what the others in the baby einstein series are like, but this one rates a “go for it” in our home. Here’s wishing you a cold free environment.


Blogger Lost A Sock said...

Aww I'm sorry your baby is sick. Those times are the worst, for moms and kids alike! I hope she gets better quickly!

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