Sunday, April 02, 2006

Picture Books - Queen of Easter

Queen of Easter by Mary Engelbreit 2006
With so many Easter books available it was hard to select one that really stuck out. So, I chose one that was just charming. It isn’t a religious book, but rather is more nostalgic of days when little girls and women would seek out that perfect Easter Day hat. Of course, there are still a number of people that do this, but it isn’t as common as it once was. Even now many do not seek out that special Easter or spring dress, but Engelbreit takes us back to another time.

Engelbreit has Ann Estelle dreaming of that perfect, most decorated, parade-stopping hat that would make her Queen of Easter. Those who are familiar with Engelbreit’s writings know that Ann Estelle usually seeks to be “the Queen” of anything. Now, when Ann Estelle’s mother brings home her new Easter hat Ann Estelle can’t believe her eyes. Not only is the hat plain, but it has just one ribbon and short at that. Before you know it Ann Estelle has left her hat on the front porch and who should take to it, but none other than a robin. The robin has set up its nest right in Ann Estelle’s hat. While Ann Estelle is redesigning one of her old hats, each day passes with exciting developments in the robin’s nest. Although Ann Estelle has now created her dream hat, she soon realizes that the best ever Easter hat is the one with the newly hatched baby robins.

If you are looking for Easter Picture books in general, Children's Book Review section by Elizabeth Kennedy has a nice listing that includes both secular and religious titles. Over at you can find a number of Passover Celebration books.



Blogger Lost A Sock said...

Sounds like a cute book (though we will buy no Easter hats in this house. Ha!) Was hoping to "meet" you at the shower, but I hope the baby's starting to feel better. Looking forward to the wedding! And to keep your dh out of trouble...he said hi for you. ;0)

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Blogger PJ Librarian said...

Baby is on the mend, but as normal the mommy is now headed down the illness path. But, at least I can blow my own nose and drink liquids even when I don't want to. The wedding is definitely an event we are all looking forward to. Glad everyone had a good time Saturday. The husband though is always winning at something even at all types of showers. See you next month.

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