Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Early Readers - Yoko & Friends School Days: Be My Valentine

Yoko & Friends School Days: Be My Valentine by Rosemary Wells 2001

Now, why am I reading a Valentine's Day book in June. Well, I was over at a secondhand library booksale and there it was. A fairly new looking hardback Early Reader just asking to go home with me and only for $1.00. The only crime I think I spotted that got it ejected from the library's collection was its torn plastic dust jacket cover (or its age). And, since I am determined to find a few good Early Reader books, I thought why not. So, I read a Valentine's Day Book in June.

So, now the verdict. Well, I have to tell you, if the other books in this series are as good as this story, I say go get them and use them as Early Reader books for your kids. The story, the artwork, and the simplicity were all appealing. I won't though put this in a first time reader's hand, but it would work very well as the next step up book. Besides being just a darn cute story about four friends, it provides for a good discussion on how to be a good friend and remembering to think of others. This one also makes for a nice read aloud book. Plus, it also reminds me of the days when exhanging Valentine's Day cards were so much easier and without all the social issues attached.

Also, check out Rosemary Wells website when you get a minute. Although, Wells' site doesn't appear to have been updated since 2000, it still has some nice features worth looking over. These include a number of fun things to do such as an activity page and coloring pages. There is also a Parent, Teacher, and Librarian page.


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