Friday, January 27, 2006

A Few Book Review Resources

Looking for some new children's books to consider or check out? Here are a few sources that can point you in the right direction. But, (this is where I add the usual disclaimer) as always keep in mind each child is different and their reactions will vary depending on their own tastes and perferences. Just because I say I like the book or some publication says it is great doesn't mean your child will like it. Besides being able to pick this newspaper up free from libraries and other places, it includes at least one interview each month with a children's author. It doesn't include every book being published for the month, but does highlight a number of them and from various genres. Oh, if you can't find it laying around to read, take a look at the website.

ALA/Booklist This link will take you to an index page where you can select from a variety of options on non-fiction books. Check this link out for Animal Babies in ponds and rivers
a book that my daughter really likes. It includes full page pictures of animals found near ponds and rivers along with short text about them. There are a number of really good non-fiction books that you will find kids like. Remember to browse the "dreaded" Dewey children's section of the library.

Kirkus Reviews Here you can get a preview of the latest children's books published and see a bit of the review. For the full review you will need to have a subscribtion. However, like other publication reviews, the information is usually available somewhere else for free. As you probably already know or do, if you have a title that you are interested in, check it out on Amazon. There you will usually find at least a reveiw by the Amazon people and a trade publication such as Publisher's Weekly. Many times you will also find an individual has posted their opinions based on their experience with the book. Sometimes these are helpful and other times just bunk.

Some articles to check out. (Some are full articles and others are summaries depending on whether a subscription is needed.) Best Books of 2005 as determined by School Library Journal along with 2006 Notable Children's Books and past Children's Notable Lists as selected by the American Library Association. Here at the The Children's Book Council you will find Books to Grow On reading lists, but I do have to disagree with how the list is compiled and the apparent limits they put on what is good to read to children at certain ages.

Have a fun time in the stacks.


Anonymous Molly said...

Did I miss the comment section before?

I remember you reading the book about animal babies to your sweet daughter, and she was indeed interested.

9:07 PM  
Blogger PJ Librarian said...

Yes and no. I have been fooling around with the comment section trying to see which option I like best. Plus, I have been a bit nervous about comments, as I have a very fragile ego. Thanks for checking the blog.

10:23 PM  

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