Friday, March 03, 2006

Picture Books - Babar

Having such a short time at the library these days, I have been able to quickly grab familiar books and those that are new to me. This is good because I always have a comfort book, but I also get to explore new authors and illustrators. Luck would have it that on my last visit I was able to pick up my old buddy Babar. But alas, it was one I had not read before titled Babar's Mystery. Although first published in 1978, this book looked like it was right off the press and had an updated 2004 dust jacket. (Way to go local library in keeping up with selection.) With all that said, it was a very delightful book. My daughter, now 12 months old, enjoyed the pictures, but was not interested whatsoever in the text. It was interesting though to see her become annoyed with me when I tried to read it without her. Needless to say, we "read" it together and then I actually really read it after she went to bed.

This book is definitely for the already-reading kid crowd, but it sure is a great way to introduce the mystery genre to younger kids. While Babar and his family are at Celesteville-on-the-Sea for a visit, they begin to encounter some unusual thefts during their stay. With the whole family and the Old Lady checking out clues, the theives do not stand a chance.

In my book world, you can never go wrong with a Babar series book.

Read, read, and see what you discover.



Anonymous Molly said...

Indeed, you never can go wrong with Babar. Yea!!! Babar

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Blogger 日月神教-向左使 said...


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