Friday, April 07, 2006

Check These Out

If you haven't had a chance yet to check out some of the other book sites I have listed in the side bar, take the opportunity over this weekend. They are really good and discuss a variety of books and other literary issues worth reading about. Plus, their sites also link to a number of other good sites that I haven't included here.

To help get you started:
  1. Book Moot has a review on Ark Angel by Anthony Horowitz and it sounds like a can't miss.
  2. At Big A little a there is some information about up and coming teen authors.
  3. Kids Lit has a book review that is so appropriate for what we are dealing with here during all this rain; I'm a Pill Bug. She also comments on a cute book called Hiccupotamus.
  4. Over at Chicken Spaghetti there are a number of interesting articles that we are pointed to especially the one about Reading and Language.
  5. And, A Fuse #8 Production always has good reading. I suggest her latest posting on The Fairies of Nutfolk Wood and also from a few days ago The Sound of Colors. The ongoing feature of Hot Men of Children's Literature is also a treat.

Have fun over the weekend.


Anonymous Molly said...

With a great name like Ark Angel, I am sure the book will be a great hit.

See you soon.

10:46 PM  

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