Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Picture Books - Bumpety Bump!

Bumpety Bump! by Pat Hutchins

Filled with rhyme and rollicking this story follows a little boy and his Grandfather as they gather items from the garden. As they go rolling along in the wheelbarrow the little red hen tags along behind them everywhere watching what they pick and dig. The little boy enjoys showing the hen what he can do whether it is digging up onions or picking strawberries and bumping up and down in the wheelbarrow. However, when the hen stops following they wonder what is the matter. So, it is now their turn to follow instead and to their surprise the hen shows them what she can do. This is certainly a delightful story with simple, but colorful artwork that adds greatly to the narrative. Besides being amusing there is an underlying and very subtle educational benefit. The reader and listener get to learn and see how a large number of fruits and vegetables are grown whether it is above or below ground or even in trees. Definitely a Turn The Page book for toddlers through approximately second grade.



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