Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Board Books - Zoophabet ABC

There are so many great reasons why I like board books. Even as the wee one grows older and is becoming quite good with handling traditional picture books, we both still like a board book’s ability to withstand rugged “book loving”. A recent find that the wee one and mama like is an ABC book. Ahh, do not turn away just yet let me explain why this ABC book is in the entertaining class versus the don’t bother group. I know there are a lot of ABC books out there that are just borrrring.

However, Zoophabet ABC by Kathryn Knight and illustrated by Cathy Heck I think is just adorable from the point of artwork and its content. I picked this up at that mega huge worldwide discount chain store for the upcoming holiday drive. It takes the reader through the idea of what animals would you put together to start a zoo(phabet). The text does a really nice job in finding animals for every letter (including “V” and “X”) along with humorous situations. For instance, would a rhinoceros wear ribbons on her tail and horns? We have found a number of ABC books that are fun and I think I might just start adding one here every week. This particular book would be good for little ones up through about 5 years old. I am not sure, but it appears the distribution on this book is limited for now and will be more widely available at the first of the year. It was a fall 2006 release.

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