Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Back and with an opposing opinion

First, let me say wow when I said I was taking a vacation, my readership did to, but I am taking that as a positive. Well, I hope you had a nice week and Halloween day (I say that last part with sarcasm). We didn’t really do anything for vacation this year too many things going on. As far as Halloween, yes I am one of those who do not get all excited, wrapped up, and adventurous when it comes to this “holiday”. There are so many people that do enjoy the day and all the festivities and to them I say have a great time. Even as a kid I never really got into the “trick or treating”. I went a few times, but mostly because my mom made me go with my sister. Anyway, what I used to like most about this time of year were the costume parties. They were so much more fun then walking around and knocking on doors for candy. So, I may not be a part of the “in crowd”, but I have found it rather odd that so many people expect you to participate and enjoy this form of candy “extortion”. All right calm down, I am not saying kids are extortionist, but doesn’t it have a bit of that resemblance. My business background though tells me this “holiday” has been given an enormous boost from the candy manufacturers, who by the way were one of the leading rally cries for extending the daily savings time to the first Sunday in November starting next year. Supposedly, they have suffered greatly because their main profit day doesn’t get an extra hour of daylight. However, most politicians are saying it is because of the energy we will save.

For the last two weeks I have heard endless questions of what are we going to do, what costume is your wee one going to wear, etc. I am amazed at the countless people that seem to think I have committed some heinous crime for not dressing my wee one up and in addition taking her out. First, I have to remind these people that she isn’t even two yet. I really do not think she will be forever scared by this non-conformity at this age. Secondly, they wouldn’t be the ones carrying her around all evening, as she tends to take off unless bundled into a stroller. Umm, that’s a nice picture Mom strolling baby door to door for candy that the baby can’t and shouldn’t be eating yet. Third, why is it a problem for the other person that I am not dressing up my child on a specific day? So, as a bit of a sound off to all those strangers, repair people, acquaintances, and just the general public do not look down your nose at me or my little family for not participating in a day that really doesn’t have any earth shattering significance to daily life. I applaud those of you who find this a fun way to spend family time together and enjoy yourselves, but please do not make it out as a crime for those of us that do not take the same interest. As always this blog reflects personal opinion and is not meant to be a voice of authority.


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