Friday, October 06, 2006

Non Fiction Books - Taxes, Taxes!

Taxes, Taxes!: Where the Money Goes by Nancy Loewen and illustrated by Brad Fitzpatrick 2005

Let’s face it taxes alone is not a great subject to read about especially when you’re young or old. When I stumbled across this book at the library it peeked my interest. I was curious to see if anyone could actually make the subject of taxes interesting and comprehendible. Well, let’s just say they gave it a good try. It was illustrated well in that it kept some of my attention. The subject matter was broken down into a very simplified tone and I could somewhat follow the intellectual part. However, I do think they muddled some points and added a layer of confusion when trying to explain how it all fits together on a national and state level. If this is the only book you can find, then give it a whirl, but try to supplement it with some additional materials or fun activity. The little “speaking” fact pig that pops up throughout the book did add a bit of pleasant distraction. There is a nice informational section in the back that could be useful to anyone looking for additional fun facts. I would suggest for grades 2 through 6, but probably fits 3rd and 4th grades the best. This is one of several books in a Money Matters series. I would rate this a Turn The Page with Caution - Not A Stellar Read, but if in a pinch...



Blogger daddy d said...

Maybe, it would be best to just let the little kids play a little longer. The taxes part of life will come soon enough.

6:16 PM  
Anonymous Mindy said...

Thanks for reviewing a nonfiction title. Not many bloggers do. Don't forget to nominate your favorite nonfiction of 2006 at

5:22 PM  

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