Friday, September 08, 2006

40 Years of Star Trek

It was 40 years ago today that Star Trek made its first appearance on television and began a cult like following despite poor ratings. The show was only on for three years, yet it spun off a number of other shows, movies, and items. There are also a variety of Star Trek books available for children of all ages. Even though it was Captain Kirk who said if I remember from those summer days of watching the repeats “ boldly go where no man has gone before...” or something like that, I seriously doubt anyone envisioned such a phenomenon would have transpired. In my opinion, science fiction literature has benefited notably since Star Trek took flight. No matter your preference of genre you have to appreciate to some degree the influence a television show can have on reading and authors.

However, in other news I am sure you would all agree that Blogger could really benefit for some time with Scotty and his ability to tinker with the engines to achieve warp drive. It could be me, but of late I can’t seem to get Blogger to move past turtle speed.


Blogger mjd said...

Amazing, Star Trek was only on television as a series for three years. Here we are 40 years later, and on any given night, you can find some version of Star Trek broadcasting into the future. Or on Tuesday nights, you can visit Captain Kirk at his new job as an aging lawyer in Boston.

7:55 AM  
Blogger gawilli said...

One of my favorite Star Trek memories was not even actually the show itself, but a series of spoofs done on Saturday Night Live about Star Trek. This was back in the Belushi days. It is pretty amazing though; my friends daughter and her husband are real trekkies but were not even born yet whent the series aired. Hey! This could be a "Back in the Day" post!

7:19 PM  
Blogger daddy d said...

Wow. I saw it on TV just after reading your post. But, I did not watch the whole thing. Many times I don't redo watching even though it was good the first time. That is just me.

7:32 AM  

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