Saturday, September 02, 2006

Poetry Books - Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart by Myesha S. Morris 2006

We all have those days that make you wonder, what next. Each of us experiences life’s ups and downs in our own unique way. Some of us are quiet with its encounter and others go to the opposite extreme of being very loud and vocal in their daily interaction with life. Recently, I was given a book of poetry that struck me as unique in the way the author has expressed her way in dealing with life’s ups and downs. She has combined the aspect of quiet with that of being vocal, but in a positive manner. Normally, we do not tend to think those that are quiet as being able to be heard through all the loud clatter of others. However, through reading her words and life experience one can see there is a positive force in this individual as well as in her life. Check out the author’s website and meet her as well as read a sample of her works. It is well worth the visit.


Blogger daddy d said...

The author has done a lot with over coming problems in her life. Most people don't have those problems. She has been working and moving forward in time;whereas, many other people do nothing with their time. I may buy her book if even just for support of her life's effort.

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