Saturday, September 23, 2006

Germs, Germs Please Stay Away!

The thing about this poster is it isn't where I need it to be. I realize that germs fly, walk, or ride around on just about anything. But, let me just say this, if you have sick kids and you think it is just fine and dandy to bring them to play groups, gym classes, or anywhere they will be with other children for some time then you should be the one taking care of the other kids that end up sick because of your desire to "get out" of the house. Now, I realize this sounds a bit on the angry side, but as I have watched my wee one get sick and then recover only to get sick again from these other precious little ones this past month I tend to have the mother bear attitude emerge. Plus, I am bit short on sleep and patience this last week.

The first illness I saw coming at her gym class, but thought I could steer clear, which didn't work. But, this time I just knew the wee one was going to get sick from the moment I stepped into the new play group room at church. Two moms brought their very clearly sick kids to the group knowing they were sick and let them run around with the other ones for two hours while they went off to their rotation day for Bible study. I so wish I had the nerve to say something then. So, the wee one woke up 48 hours later sick and another 72 hours later daddy was sick and then mommy. We actually stayed home when the next play group/Bible study came around. Yes, I missed my rotation and the wee one missed play time with others, but I didn't want her to keep passing it on.

So, the good thing is we are mending, the bad thing is this is my first time with this study group and kids. Guess we'll see how the next week goes. With 10 little precious ones in a room there is bound to be sickness, but when they are so sick that one cries and needs to be held the entire two hours and both have the worse runny noses you have seen, it is just 48 hours until to the next stop on the germ train. But, I did get a few good book readings in and the wee one and I read lots of books together. Always a silver lining somewhere.