Monday, August 14, 2006

A Celebrity Writes Again

A “writing” celebrity is at work again. It appears that Jamie Lee Curtis has another book coming out in September. According to Curtis’ website that expresses, “Books to grow by, from the New York Times best-selling team—Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell” the title will be Is There Really a Human Race? The site also indicates the book is for all ages and all grades, which seems a bit redundant. This is one of several Curtis has written. Most of her books tend to be centered on specific issues that kids face while growing up. I first saw the notice for the upcoming book in the September edition of Parents magazine. They (at Parents) seem to be ecstatic that she has another book and label the entry as “Star Scribe”. Interestingly enough the book cover in the article doesn’t match the ones I have seen online. I actually prefer the cover shown in Parents as it is more eye-catching and seems more likely to be picked up off the shelf, but what do I know I am just a consumer. I am not usually one who picks up any book though that has a celebrity listed as the author. Yes, that would be something called prejudice and along the same lines that Elizabeth Bennet believes of Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. Also, I cannot say I have ever read any of her books. So, I will not be recommending this book, but will leave it up to you and your own preferences. Who knows, maybe her books are worth reading? But, I would suggest checking them out at the library before shelling out the big bucks. Her books are those that rarely make it to the discounted table in the stores.


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