Sunday, August 06, 2006

Picture Books – The Bones of Fred McFee

The Bones of Fred McFee by Eve Bunting and Illustrated by Kurt Cyrus 2002

I know, I know. It is totally off-season, but worth taking a look at for those that are Halloween enthusiasts. For some reason this was on the “New Books” shelf at the library and I picked it up not looking very closely at the title or artwork. Unfortunately, I am not a Halloween person, nor do I care for scary stories, movies, or houses. Now, when I was a teenager I could at least do the houses, but for some reason as I get older none of it appeals to me. Must be all the real scary stuff that makes the regular news everyday.

Well, anyway The Bones of Fred McFee is definitely a really good book to add with other fun tales to share during the spooky season. Bunting does a great job with telling the story in a bouncy way that makes you just really want to read it out loud to the flowing rhythm. I don’t wish to spoil the story so I will be vague in its description. Jessie and her brother have brought home a plastic skeleton from the harvest fair and named him Fred McFee. They hang him high up in their sycamore tree for the season and listen to his bones go clickety-clack as the wind blows. With each passing night unusual things begin to happen around the yard and tree where Fred McFee hangs. Halloween arrives and even more odd events occur including Fred’s disappearance. The story is one that is probably better suited to those whose imaginations do not keep them up at night and enjoy a good on the ends of your seat story. The artwork is bold, yet not in color, but rather images. I think most kids ages 6 and up would enjoy this if they like spooky tales.



Blogger mjd said...

You are right about the scary stuff in the regular news.

The pictures on the cover look fun. The book sounds like fun reading complete with skeletons. I have a very small collection of skeletons that were used to support seventh graders learning to distinguish a tibia from an ulna.

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