Saturday, July 22, 2006

Library News?

It is a world of wacky news stories about libraries and librarians. Three of the many I read yesterday included:

article posted from the Columbus, Ohio’s WBNS-TV is about a librarian recovering from a car being driven into the library building. Turns out the car which was stolen was driven by a 12 year-old. This kid and his two older buddies had been kicked out of the library and decided to retaliate in this very damaging way. Who says being a librarian is a cushy and quiet job?

this from over at the News - The latest in the controversy about the Cuban book A Visit to Cuba from Miami, Florida. The local Cuban exiles and the school board have managed to ban the book from the school libraries, but they now face a federal court ruling. The fight is over the rose colored glasses look at life in Cuba. Apparently, many in the community think the book is political propaganda and the fight isn’t about the First Amendment.

Here locally, one of the major library boards have managed to cut the staff’s benefits again, approximately 35% from the programming budget, and at least 6% from the materials budget. These are in addition to the cuts they have been making steadily over the last several years. However, interestingly enough they did approve an increase to cover the continual over run on the renovation budget for the main library. Also, the employees have been trying to have a word with the board about becoming unionized, but the board will not meet with them. So, the employees protested at the last meeting. Both sides had words of sort. Funny thing is the library’s CEO blames the city council for all the cuts, but most of the budget issues began when she came on board and started a “new” spending focus.

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Anonymous mjd said...

Most unions, if not all unions, began with mistreatment of the workers on the part of the management. Cuts in programming along with cuts in deplorable. What is a poor librarian to do? Organize that is what.

12:48 PM  
Anonymous mjd said...

On another note, you can meet your true love at the library.

12:49 PM  

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