Friday, June 30, 2006

Picture Books - Five Little Chicks

Five Little Chicks by Nancy Tafuri

Not all picture books are created equal. What am I saying? Well, I am referring in this case to the age appropriateness of picture books. Surprisingly enough, a number of people just assume that if it looks like a picture book then it must be good for all young kids ages 2 to 8. However, the interesting part is that the target audience is not always one age group nor does an 8 year old like the same thing as a 2 year old.

For instance, the story of Five Little Chicks is definitely one that is aimed at the very young. I would call this a toddler book for sure. It almost reminds me of a board book, but includes a little more text that makes it more appealing for those that do more than just nibble on books now. The story is a bit weak on plot, but is somewhat amusing as we watch the hatching and antics of five little chicks as they discover life outside the shell. The text is rhythmic and repetitive and makes for a nice read aloud book. We find out the little chicks try to eat anything that grabs their fancy, but mama hen steers them to the right food in the end. I wonder if it is that easy with toddlers? Anyway, the book’s artwork makes for an easy to share story with bright and colorful pages that compliment a very simple text. In addition, there is the learning to count to five nicely tucked in the wording.

Another interesting aspect that makes me wonder if publishers are starting to try and conserve paper is that the story begins and ends on the end papers. Sure makes it tough for libraries, as they tend to cover part of the story with the checkout card pocket, which by the way our library no longer uses, but for some silly reason still find it necessary to add these for the security tag.



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