Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Board Books – Parents Magazine Article

Okay, it has been almost a week now since I have added a book review. Besides the usual hectic life one leads with a small wee one and handling an estate, I think this heat has melted some of my brain cells. Plus, I sure did pick some dud books this past week (and blogger has been a bit uncooperative during the few short periods I have had to do anything). Now, I haven’t read through all the books as yet. I only selected twenty-one this time, but when the first half dozen were less than stirring it makes me not too inspired to search through the remaining. Oh, I am sure there is something of interest in the pile, but I will get to them later this week.

One interesting thing I have read this week was an article in the August edition of Parents magazine. They did a feature or at least that is what I thought it would be based on the cover page of the Best Baby Books Of All Time. Turns out it is only a two page spread with limited book descriptions. The good thing about the recommended books is the preface of it being their favorite of all time. Many of the fifteen board books they list are ones I have previously looked over, but some I haven’t seen yet. They range in publishing date and include a couple of classics. Several books on the list include flap pages, which I have found little ones really enjoy. However, us parents have a lot of trouble with flap books as the young ones tend to rip, bend, or generally mangle the flaps as they are missing the motor skills to work them or in some cases the flaps are too difficult even for us coordinated folks too open. Some of the books included on the list are Animal by Roger Priddy, The Napping House by Audrey Woods, I Know A Rhino by Charles Fuge, and Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See by Bill Martin Jr. Check out the article available online after July 28 here and see if any strike your fancy.


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