Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Board Books - Animals A to Z

When life is crazy and you want a little slow down then I suggest an ABC book of the fun kind. One of my favorite author/illustrators, David McPhail has a really cute and clever Animals A to Z board book that will add pleasure to anyone’s day. At first glance it appears the book is a pretty straightforward ABC book, but then you start to realize there is more to it than that.

For instance, the first page starts of course with letter “A” where we find an ant and armadillo, but wait. The ant is conversing with the armadillo while standing under an apple tree with an arrow through an apple as an airplane flys overhead and an alarm clock sits in the corner. So, let’s see that is two “A” animals with four additional correlating “A” objects. It goes on like that throughout the alphabet. Only the letter “X” is missing a “companion” object, but in all fairness that really is a tough letter.

This book makes the alphabet fun and grows with the reader. Most kids will only first “get” the animal part of it, but it builds into a fun game of find the other items that begin with the same letter. The illustrations of course are captivating to the young ones and many include comical features such as a bear reading a book in a boat or a crocodile wear a crown. For all ages, but especially babies up through 1st grade will really enjoy this book. (It is also available in paperback too.)

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