Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sunsets and books! How Grand a time!

Oh, how lucky am I. My fabulous husband sent me away. Yes, I said sent me away this past weekend. It was part of a wonderful Christmas offering that I was somewhat reluctant to take him up on. The going away meant the first time I wasn't going to be without my wee one since she was born. Plus, she is too dang funny at times to miss out on. Anyway, I left the wee one in the trusted hands of my husband and headed south to visit an old friend whose father lived next to mine for 44 years and they both passed away within months of each other this past year. Plus, I got to spend a few days on this glorious beach with my mom and just READ. I used to visit this same beach for years with both of my parents before I became so smitten with my husband.

What you see here are two of the beautiful sunsets that I enjoyed. These were taken right outside the place I was staying at on the beach. This one is at low low tide (my nautical term) where you can see the shells digging down in the sand for cover until the tide comes back in.I was able to enjoy this scenery for three nights before I boarded the plane and headed home with weeping eyes and dripping nose from the allergies that infest many of the Floridian residents. Unfortunately, the same wasn't true for my mom who is spending the entire week she is allergy resistent, but developed a nasty head cold instead.

Now, as I return to motherhood I am renewed and actually do not mind the stacks of laundry, dishes, constantly dirty floors, household repairs, bills to pay, meals to prepare and general stay-at-home-mom duties, which I love that I get to do my way. And, I get to read lots and lots of books to my wee one everyday and listen to her laugh and laugh as well as see my husband's handsome face. What else could a girl ask for? Ah, maybe another weekend in 6 months for good behavior?

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