Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Still So New At This

Wow, over the last week or so, I have found a number of blogs on books and more specifically Children's books. Of course, I knew that I would not be the one and only, but I am amazed at the number and variety of blogs dedicated to books. It warms the heart. However, it did provide a realistic view that I am at best an amateur at this. But, I do not take this too personally. As I knew in the beginning, this blog was meant more as a creative outlet for me. For I truly miss working with kids in helping them select and discover the wonders they can find in books.

Some of my favorite moments were when a hard to reach boy or girl would run up to me and tell me how much they really liked the book we had selected together. Another favorite memory is when I would walk into one of my favorite third grade teacher's room for my volunteer reading visit. The class, I know enjoyed just the break from routine, but their cheers and listening attitudes where so uplifting. I also miss being on the receiving end of all those great new books. It was fun to just peruse them or see if anything new was there that seemed like it was going to be the next big hit.

Although, I miss being in the “book” and library mainstream, I find being at home with my beautiful baby just as or in most cases more fulfilling then I ever dreamed. Plus, I get to share my love of books with her. The best part is having her sit on my lap and to snuggle up with a book to read.

Even if this blog isn’t as professional or inspiring as others, I am having fun with this little ditty of mine. Plus, my most wonderful and thoughtful husband bought me a few books for Valentine’s Day (always the way to my heart outside of chocolate). One, which really shows he is the most supportive of husbands, is the book “Blogosphere: Best of Blogs” by Adrienne Crew, Peter Kuhns and published right here in town. So, I am looking it over and hopefully it will lead me to some awesome postings. If not, at least I will start to learn the lingo. So, check out some of my new links to other book blogs. There are some interesting options out there and these can take you to them.

Read on, Read on.


Blogger Kelly said...

Welcome to the kidlit blog world, PJ Librarian. I'll add you to my blogroll when I get a chance.

(As an aside, I think most of us do this as a creative outlet and out of our love for children's books!)

8:13 PM  
Blogger Frema said...

I recently got Blogging For Dummies. Maybe we can swap sometime. :)

12:05 AM  
Blogger Lost A Sock said...

That's wonderful that you've found some other similar blogs. I enjoy your blog - don't think of it as amateur - always very well written with a variety of ideas! :0)

5:34 PM  

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