Monday, May 29, 2006

Family Fun with Money & Coins

Are you looking for some fun with money? No, no! Not that kind of fun. I mean history type fun. Well, if I still have your attention then check out the site The U.S. Mint's Fun Facts. They have some great information as well as fun activities. It isn't just the kids that are enjoying those new quarters that are coming out every three months. I think many adults (or at least the ones I know) are eagerly anticipating each new release as well. Plus, with several new nickel designs being released recently and the latest remake of the ten dollar bill, you can't help being interested in the changes and the history behind the old versus new.

If you are looking for a specific family and kid friendly activity (for those kids that have stopped putting things in their mouth), an idea, if you haven't already, is try finding and collecting all the new quarters. What a great way to learn about different U.S. facts and the states. For each quarter release, you can check out the page Coin News. There are several coin programs discussed in The Coins Are Coming section, but it is the 50 State Quarters Program you want to look at. Under this link you will find out the why's to the state's quarter design such as why a particular symbol is included or slogan. Under Coin News you will also find a information on: Making Cents, Coin of the Month, The Coins Are Coming, The Real Tour of the Mint, The Minting Process Revealed, and Europe's Euro.

There also are a number of other informative topics and such you will find at The U.S. Mint's Fun Facts, but a favorite of mine is The U.S. Mint Library. Here "You'll find dozens of numismatics images of coins, buildings, machinery, people...from A-Z! (That's Abraham Lincoln to the Zinc-coated 1943 penny!)". Amazing! I have only recently begun an interest in coins due to my husband's influence. He and his dad have been collecting for years. It is one of his favorite fun father/son activity memories.

Now, if you are interested in some books to get you started or just are curious check these out:

Follow the money! by Loreen Leedy - Summary: "A quarter describes all the ways it is used from the time it is minted until it is taken back to a bank."
Paper Money by Dana Meachen Rau - Summary: "Presents a children's book for early readers that describes the history of coins and paper money and how to spend and save it wisely."
Money by Joe Cribb (A DK book) - Summary: "Examines, in text and photographs, the symbolic and material meaning of money, from shekels, shells, and beads to gold, silver, checks, and credit cards. Also discusses how coins and banknotes are made, the value of money during wartime, and how to collect coins."
Money: A Rich History by Jon Anderson - Summary: "Briefly relates the origins and history of money, how coins and paper money are made and other money-related facts, presented in the form of a child's school report."
(This is an older book, but popular.) Jelly Beans for Sale by Bruce McMillan - Summary: "Shows how different combinations of pennies, nickles, dimes, and quarters can buy varying amounts of jelly beans. Includes information on how jelly beans are made."
My Rows and Piles of Coins by Tolowa M. Mollel - Summary: "A Tanzanian boy saves his coins to buy a bicycle so that he can help his parents carry goods to market, but then he discovers that in spite of all he has saved, he still does not have enough money."


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I know a little girl's dad that would love those books both when he was a child and now as an adult.

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