Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Has anyone read any of Ellen Raskin’s other books?

Here is a question that has been on my mind for some time. Has anyone read any of Ellen Raskin’s other books besides The Westing Game? I ask this as The Westing Game is one of my all time favorite books, but I have not found any of her others in the library. Plus, I must admit I didn’t think she had ever written any others until recently. The following are the titles I found for her as listed over at BooknBytes.

And It Rained
Figgs and Phantoms
Franklin Stein
Ghost in a Four-Room Apartment
Moe Q. McGlutch, He Smoked Too Much
Moose, Goose, and Little Nobody
Nothing Ever Happens on My Block
Piping Down the Valleys Wild

The Mysterious Disappearance of Leon (I Mean Noel)
The Tattooed Potato and Other Clues
The World's Greatest Freak Show
Twenty-Two, Twenty-Three

Who, Said Sue, Said Whoo?

If you have read any of them, were they written as well as The Westing Game in your opinion? Just curious. Thanks!


Blogger Frema said...

I love The Westing Game, but I never thought to check if Ellen Raskin had written anything else. I'll be interested to see if anyone has opinions of her other work.

10:10 AM  
Blogger J. L. Bell said...

A lot of these titles are picture books which Raskin created as an author-illustrator before getting into novels. I have fond memories of And It Rained, Nothing Ever Happens on My Block, and especially Spectacles in that genre. (I just recommended Spectacles on Child_Lit today.)

The Mysterious Disappearance... was, I think, Raskin's first puzzle-mystery novel. I read and reread it before Westing Game, and have a much clearer memory of it. Since you're a fan of Westing Game, I recommend seeking it out.

9:18 PM  
Blogger PJ Librarian said...

Thanks j.l. bell for the information. I will try and find The Mysterious Disappearence. Wasn't aware also that Raskin had produced picture books. Seems I need to look further into her works now.

1:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also remember The Mysterious Disappearance fondly, if not in detail. That's the only other one of her books that I remember reading as a kid, and I had an immediate positive association when I saw it on your list. Worth seeking out, I'd say.

7:00 PM  
Blogger Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Only just discovered this blog, so I hope I'm not too late :) I am currently reading 'Figgs and Phantoms' by Ellen Raskin. I found it last week and had not heard of her before now.
It is excellent. I definitely will be looking for more of her work.

7:36 AM  

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