Thursday, April 13, 2006

Here’s a Vacation Idea

One of the best things about out-of-town vacations besides the obvious is the discovery of new books. What’s that I hear? You say that can be done by just going to the local library and bookstores (chains or independents). Well, yes it can, but when going away to someplace different you get a chance to discover the local authors or at least books solely dedicated to the place you are visiting.

Several years ago, long before our baby blessed our lives, my mother began picking up children’s books for me on her travels. Why? Because I have a passion (some say obsession) for children’s literature and she still spoils me even at my age. Now my husband (who also spoils me) has been treating me to gifts of children’s books pretty much since we began our courtship. But, it was my mother who came up with the idea of giving me books from different locations. Now that we have a beautiful daughter my mother buys books from her travels for her. Of course, I get to read them first (she is only 14 months old).

With mother just returning from a recent trip to the west coast to visit my sister and then on to Hawaii, we are now in receipt of seven new books (which put her over the luggage weight limit). Most are specific to the Islands and include a variety of reading levels. As my mom said, “the baby is going to getting older”. Yes, she is, but hopefully slowly. With what began as nice idea from my mom and now includes my sister and other family, our library is beginning to cover a wide geographically area. Many of these books we would not have otherwise stumbled over in our own library or stores.

So, many of you may already be doing what my mother started for us, but if not give it a try. You may find some really fun books and get to know the area you are visiting better. Or at least, you will be making some fond memories.

A few of the books include:
Sugaring by Jessie Haas and illustrate by Jos. A. Smith (Vermont)

The Ghost of Ichabod Paddack by Warren Hussey Bouton (Nantucket)

Amy, Ben and Catalpa the Cat by Alma S. Coon and illustrated by Gail Owens (Williamsburg)

The Story of Chinaman's Hat by Dean Howell (Hawaii)

Kippy Koala by Maurice Pledger (Australia)



Anonymous Jen Robinson said...

What a neat idea! I've been a collector of children's books for pretty much my whole life, too. But I never thought of buying location-specific ones from my travel (except that whenever I'm in the UK, I buy children's books that aren't published in the US). But I like this idea lot. Thanks! I will be linking to your post on my blog.

12:34 AM  
Blogger PJ Librarian said...

Thanks Jen. It seems no matter how old I get, my mom still comes up with some new ideas. Also, thanks for linking to me.

6:09 PM  

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