Tuesday, January 09, 2007

This and That - Picture Books - Dear Bunny

Hope your holidays were enjoyable and filled with great memory moments. There are so many books to tell you about, but no time. We enjoyed the gift of giving and receiving books these past weeks. The wee one “gave” family members children’s and young adult books with the thought of one on one moments to share with later over time. Hopefully, creating future special memories. We tried to tie the books around a favorite subject, interest, or idea that was unique to that family member.

My California sister and husband couldn’t make it back this year, but sent a box loaded with fun books for the wee one (of course the mommy will really enjoy them too.) Fortunately, my sister was able to visit a number of different places and events this year. From these adventures she found books to share (she too is a book enthusiast). The wee one received books about Chicago, King Tut, Scotland, and England along with some fun children’s one-book encyclopedias. I love the idea of regional or specific area books. She found cuties like Dragon of Navy Pier, Nessie the Loch Ness Monster, and a Greyfriars Bobby picture book.

For some the first month of the New Year is a bit slow for others it starts at lightning speed. Well, for us it has been a bit of supersonic mixed with “man do I really have to get up” and start the day. Our holidays around here are bookended with birthdays. We are now in the second half with the first of the year birthdays in full swing and continuing on through mid March before a break for the usual springtime celebrations.

So, for now I will be even more sporadic in my book sharing with a goal to share at least one book a week. To tide you over until next week I would suggest looking at some of those fun Valentine books that are popping up at the stores. One book that will surely be included, but really isn’t worded as a Valentine Day book is Dear Bunny: A Bunny Love Story by Michaela Morgan and illustrated by Caroline Jayne Church 2006. It is a great book to give to a spouse (just trust me on this one). It is a story of two bunnies that are very shy, but really would like to meet each other. Through a series of events and with the help of a family of mice the two are brought together through a letter of words written by each of them. I know that sounds vague (and is intended to be so), but it really is a sweet book that brings an "awe" sound to mind when you finish the story.

(For January B-days Happy Birthday Beth, Barb, Aunt Phyllis, Frema, and Lisa.)



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