Thursday, April 19, 2007

Earth Day and ponderings

With earth day just around the corner (April 22), I did actually stop and think about this while watching the tide roll in every day sitting on the beach. The beautiful clean beaches do attest to the fact that many are doing their part in helping the environment, but we all still have ways to go. There are so many small ways we can help, but the big environmental impacts sometimes amaze me and what really can be done(?). Hang with me hear as I ponder (or check out this link to a previous post I did with kids resources last year).

The place I was just visiting this past weekend recently built a new airport in amongst a wildlife area. We are talking acres upon acres of natural habitat that now have an airport sitting in the middle of it. Plus, for the first time ever since I have been visiting the area I saw these crossing signs on the drive from the airport to the beach. Makes me think is tourism and its convenience worth it? What was wrong with the old airport? Granted I was use to an armadillo sign here and there, but now they have stirred up the panther population.

While visiting an old friend who lives about an hour and half north of this airport we drove through many wildlife areas that were being developed for housing and shopping. In my friends neck of the woods, they live on the farthest point of the peninsula that can be developed due to the water ways and marsh areas. But, despite their being no beaches and such their house is among many that were built around bird sanctuaries and they now have alligators in the water ways behind their home along with various other natural habitat critters and the occasional bobcat. Is the desire to live in an resort and tropic like setting too costly to the environment? Again, no idea of right and wrongs here just pondering.

Anyway, don't forgot to keep Earth day and its purpose in mind everyday. There are plenty of online kid resources at US Gov't Earth Day Kids . Plus, there are so many books and magazines available at your local library.

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Anonymous gawilli said...

I remember the first Earth Day very clearly. It was in 1970 and I was a freshman in high school. It was exciting. It is as important now as it was then. You have some interesting thoughts there - if nothing else Earth Day has raised our awareness and made us ask questions.

10:46 PM  
Blogger mjd said...

Happy Earth Day, I remember the first Earth Day too. I was a teacher at the very school that Gawilli attended in the ninth grade. Strangely, some the things that humans do to try to help the environment in turn may have some other adverse impact on the plant and animal populations. Pamela of Dust Will Wait describes one of these effects here on the Swainson's hawk population on the west coast.

8:30 AM  

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