Friday, January 19, 2007

Chapter Books - Cam Jansen and the Valentine Baby Mystery

Cam Jansen and the Valentine Baby Mystery by David Adler 2006

Looking for a fun book to give as a Valentine gift to your elementary reader then I would try David Adler’s latest Cam Jansen mystery or any of his others. The Cam Jansen series is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Adler has a proven record of attracting young readers and with this simple yet fun mystery series he sets Cam and her friends out to problem solve in their own unique way. Although the book’s covers sometimes suggest more of a girl’s series, the stories would definitely appeal to boys as well since Cam’s best friend Eric is usually by her side through out each adventure.

The Valentine Baby Mystery has Cam awaiting the arrival of a new brother or sister on Valentine’s Day. However, as usual with Cam there is always a mystery to solve no matter where she is. This time it takes place at the hospital. In addition to this book, the library has a number of Valentine Day book selections so be sure and check them out and read something special with your young Valentine.



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