Saturday, January 20, 2007

Shelve Those Comments

Do you ever find yourself just so tired of hearing advice from so called well-meaning people? Yes, it is true I am about to rant and rave about those well-meaning people, but first let me give you the background. Today is Saturday and it usually means in our little neck of the woods a day full of promise and opportunity to catch up on things we have been putting off or to just enjoy each others company. But, no today is day seven in our battle to get healthy. It all started this past Sunday morning. Our wee one woke up with the worse sounding croup she has ever had. Mind you she had been battling the sniffles for a few days. So here we go, three steaming shower treatments and a walk in the cold weather to help relieve the swelling that is closing off her throat. Throughout that night it starts all over. By Monday morning we are off to the doctors, as this croup would not subside with home remedies. The doctor takes a look and was surprised at how bad she was and put her on a steroid to help her breath.

On to Tuesday night and we have a low-grade fever that just wouldn’t go away, she wouldn’t eat, drink, and is attached to mommy’s leg. Off we go again Wednesday morning to the doctor’s office. Doc is concerned as she is losing weight and shows classic signs of pneumonia. Here we go to the radiologist for chest x-rays. Good news lungs clear other than filled with some virus mucus crap. By Thursday she is just getting crankier, but sleeps half way decent, which is code that mommy final got a few hours. But, wait mommy also had to go to the doctor and also went for x-rays. Now, I bet you are wondering what is daddy up to. Well, he too has picked up the virus from the wee one and is coughing up a lung or two. So, he goes to the doctor on Friday while, yes you guessed it the wee is back again to the doctor’s as her fever will not break and she has now been dubbed cranky pants. Between Wednesday's visit and Friday the wee has added an ear infection to her list of ailments.

So to recap our week, that is three office visits, two prescriptions, and a chest x-rays for the wee one; one office visit, one prescription, and a series of x-rays for the mommy; and finally an office visit and prescription for the daddy. Of course this all follows daddy’s bout with whooping cough a month ago that we all had to be treated for. Did I mention we each have a $525 deductible?

In conclusion, the next well-meaning person that says it is good for kids to be exposed to all these germs now is going to get some medical bills shoved up their nose. This is where I ask you to please don’t be like the idiotic moms that take their so obviously sick and hacking kids to gym class or play groups because they don’t think it is a big deal. Washing hands and using anti-bacterial gels only work so well. Okay, off to sip some hot tea, read a calming book, and be thankful I have a venting source such as blogger.


Blogger daddy d said...

Wow. That was a lot of sickness to be looked after. I am sorry that you all had such a time. Germs go around and come around. That was no fun for sure. Take care and rest up as much as you can.

10:20 PM  
Blogger mjd said...

I am sorry to hear that you all have been so sick. I hope that you are all on the mend. Take care.

6:18 AM  

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