Sunday, May 20, 2007

Discussion Books - What Will Happen In Harry Potter 7

As a fun little treat, my husband picked up a copy of What Will Happen In Harry Potter 7 (2006) this past week for me and what a delight it was. In general, I am not one who usually gets into any deep conversations about books. I always figure that most people are like me and enjoy a one on one relationship with their reading experience and do not usually discuss it with others. (Hum, why do I have a book blog then?) This is probably why I have never really been much for book clubs and similar get togethers. I do not mind chit chatting about books, but I’ve never been much for getting down into the muck about why the author decided to do this or that and what other books have similar ramblings, etc.

Now with that said, I must admit I really got a kick out of reading the various thoughts, discussions, and theories that are put forth in What Will Happen In Harry Potter 7, especially those that totally agreed with what I was already thinking. Plus, the quick little chapters that delve into a particular topic made me do a little additional thinking, which really made me want to get my hands on number 7.

The book is put out by’s founder and cohorts, which supposedly is one of the largest and most read Harry Potter related site. The authors like the site are some very dedicated enthusiast as well as a very talented youthful group. Like with books I am also not one to peruse the Internet for discussions or latest thought about what is going to happen with Harry and other Hogwarts friends and classmates. When I do stumble across something I will share it with those I think might be interested. I had not previously visited the until after I read the book. I still didn’t really look into it much, but if you are a fan this is probably a regular stop and I am behind the times as usually.

So, to sum this up, if you are having a hard time waiting until July and want to get a quick fix and a mini recap as to where things stand or might stand, then pick this up. The book is a very quick read and I think even those in 5th or 6th graders and up would really enjoy it.

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Anonymous gawilli said...

I was not aware of It is very exciting that this series has encouraged so many to pick up a book and read!

8:17 PM  
Blogger daddy d said...

Wow, a book like that is even better than reading the last chapter first.

10:36 PM  
Blogger mjd said...

Silly Daddy D... My trouble is that my memory of the earlier part of the story is cloudy so looking ahead to the new book is cloudy too. However, I will read and enjoy the upcoming final chapter. At least, I hope to enjoy the final chapter. I will let some 7th graders know about the book and

6:40 AM  
Blogger Lily Potter said...

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