Friday, June 22, 2007

Picture Books - Little Quack's New Friend

Everyone needs a reminder now and then about friendship. The great thing about Little Quack’s New Friend (2006) is that Little Quack ignores his siblings and plays with a new friend even though the new friend is a frog. Ribbit too helps provide a little insight on how it is best to forget a slight and invite those that originally snubbed him to join in the fun. Of course, I doubt seriously if my wee one took away the same thoughts from reading this book as I did, but I hope it lays a foundation of acceptance that all kids should have as they grow. Luckily for us most kids do not see the differences adults see. Too bad us adults aren’t as accepting of others different then ourselves like Little Quack and as forgiving as Ribbit. I don’t know what author Lauren Thompson’s intent was, but this is a really good picture book to share with toddlers on up. In addition, illustrator Derek Anderson created a unique family for Little Quack that also can be used in a meaningful way as well. Each of Little Quack’s siblings is very different in features from each other, which may be useful for families dealing with something similar. If the subtle meanings don’t do anything for you, the text is just plain fun. Give it a look-see. There are several other Little Quack stories, but we have yet to test drive any of those. Happy quacking.

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