Thursday, June 14, 2007

Chapter Books - The Dragon of Lonely Island

Okay, I had this fairly interesting write up completed for Rebecca Rupp’s The Dragon of Lonely Island (2002), but for some reason it has disappeared. Unfortunately, for me once I empty my brain of its thoughts about a particular topic it seems also to have a retrieval problem. So, let me just say this about the book (re-release). It involves two sisters and a brother who accompany their fiction-writing mother for the summer to an island inhabited only by a caretaker and his wife, or is it? They are staying in their Great Aunt’s home and soon find that there is an adventure to be undertaken. While searching the house and the island they discover their Great Aunt’s secret friend Fafnyr, a tridrake. The three-headed dragon lives in a cave on the island. After overcoming a brief uneasiness the children come to know and cherish the story telling dragon. The tale is brief, but captivating and leaves the reader wondering, but luck would have it that the author has since written a sequel that I have yet to check out. It is a good quick summer read for probably 3rd graders and up.

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Blogger Camille said...

This book was on the Texas Bluebonnet list a few years ago and was a very popular title. Nice to see it being reviewed here.

2:48 AM  
Blogger Julie Burgess Wells said...

The Dragon of Lonely Island is such a lovely book that not only children but adults too love immersing themselves in this fictional yet exciting deeply ethereal and awe-inspiring. I mean, c'mon, a three-headed dragon (tridrake), which kid (and adult) would not be in awe of such a majestic creature. A great casual read, though another commendable dragon fantasy tale would be Beyond This Point There Be Dragons (

Anyhow, the book trails three children 12 year old Hannah, 10 year old Zachary and 8 and a ½ year old Sarah Emily who go on holiday to their Great aunt Mehitabel's Victorian home located in Maine, along with their mystery writer mother. On reaching they realize their great aunt is not around but they meet Fafnyr, the tridrake instead. Fafnyr regales the children with stories and teaches the kids unforgettable lessons, they will keep forever. As the eldest sibling, Hannah learns of responsibility, Zachary learns to share and little Sarah of courage. Now, if only kids now-a-days had a tridrake to guide them, won't things be easier?

5:51 AM  

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