Monday, July 02, 2007

Picture Books - Time to Say Goodnight

We have been into lots of various bedtime books of late and one of the many favorites is the delightfully illustrated book Time to Say Goodnight by Sally Lloyd-Jones and illustrated by Jane Chapman (2006). I would be the first to admit that I would probably pick up anything with Jane Chapman as the illustrator. This particular picture book takes a wonderful rhyming looking at how the woodland animals are told to go to bed by their own parents with the exception of the owl who is waking up the little ones. After reading how each of the animals are tucked in for the night with reassuring words of comfort and security, the animal parents then address the reader in reminding them it is also time for them to say goodnight. My wee one gets a kick out of the parent animals “talking” to her. Of course, you need to add that little subtle message in how you read it. Makes for a great selection for toddlers through probably 2nd grade.

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Blogger mjd said...

Those bunnies look very cute. I think that your little girl probably enjoys this book with bunnies on the cover.

9:07 PM  
Blogger LiteracyTeacher said...

Would you mind submitting some of your picture book posts to, which is the Picture Book Carnival I set up? I'm trying to get a big Carnival going here so we can all learn from each other.


9:56 PM  

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