Saturday, December 01, 2007

Boxes and Tissue

As the season of gift giving is upon us, I as usual have been doing some wondering. Yes, for those that don't know me well, I am a girl that ponders those unusual, everyday, and even quirky things of life. One of the many ponderings that have been passing through my brain of late is that of tissue paper. No, not the kind we use to blot, wipe, or blow our noses with, but rather the stuff in a bag or line a box kind.

As long as I can remember, which is a long, long time all the gifts given or received within my side of the family we have always used tissue paper to line our gifts with especially boxes. Even looking back at some old, old photos of Christmas past there were boxes all over my mom and grandparents home with tissue sticking out. Now, I totally understand the tissue in a bag thing, but of course it adds to the mystery of what is inside for the receiver.

So, what brought about this pondering moment? Well, I was wrapping a few gifts and could not locate any tissue paper and it put me in a quandry. Every bit of my inner gift wrapping mantra said "you must use tissue in the box, you must use tissue in the box". Well, I now have a 120 count package on hand and the dilemma resolved, but my pondering is still unanswered. Why have I been using tissue to line boxes all these years? It seems like a good idea and makes things a bit more elegant plus when wrapped around books it helps perserve the dust jacket, yet why for everything?



Blogger daddy d said...

The answer is tradition. That is the way it was done and that is the way it shall be done. It does not have to be that way, but it is and it feels right.

7:25 PM  

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